Custom Products

We provide the finished elements that you need to create distinction in your work. Contractors, architects, consumers and builders all across the nation have noticed and appreciated the products and services of Timber Products. 

Mouldings and Profiles

Timber Products offers a full line of standard architectural trim and moulding patterns. If the job calls for custom moulding, shaping, surfacing, ripping or re-sawing we can help. We grind our own knives and can produce any profile up to 8" thick and 16" wide. We will process your complete package and deliver it right to the job. 

Timbers and Corbels

We specialize in heavy beams and timbers. Whether it’s new construction or exact replacements for historical restoration, we can custom cut and pre-fabricate any style or design. 

Vigas and Latillas

For the look and feel of true southwest architecture, you can’t beat the rugged beauty of genuine hand-crafted vigas and latillas. We stock 3" through 12" diameter. 

Log Home Treatments

Our hand crafted timbers add beauty and function to any rustic exterior. Conventionally framed structures can be cosmetically transformed to have the look of real logs. 

Commercial Products

We have created a variety of custom products for many commercial applications, from structural and decorative items to detailed signage.